Our Life

Currently: Wide Awake

Well according to my almost dead cell phone it is….12:40 AM. Before asking, yes my eight-month-old son is now sleeping through the night. However, I am not. Instead, I am very awake with the full realization that still ONE of my toenails does not have fresh paint on it because like most things I forgot to repaint the smudged pink color. My husband and son are sound asleep in bed with no worries in the world, and although that is how I prefer things, it also sucks being the only one NOT snoring. Even our husky/shepherd mix got in on the snoozing action.

Let me give a little back story before I get ahead of myself. My husband and I met through some strange circumstances, but it did not stop us from falling head over heels for each other. A little bit after getting married we decided to have our son since we both had always wanted a family and children. Fast forward to June 2016, we had our beautiful son Maceon, who stole both of our hearts. Three weeks after he was born the Army decided it was time for us to move from Texas to Washington. Now I have nothing personal against Washington, but being born and raised in Texas made the move hard. We have taken it in stride though and even I, the person against cold and wet, am starting to warm up to the place.

Fast forward seven months, two sleep regressions, getting sick and my littles first tooth, you end up here where I have learned to sleep with my eyes open and still take care of both of my loves. Every day I wake up more blessed than the first, and it makes me one proud wife and mother.

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