Our Life

CRAZY Couple of Days

Well I have been MIA The past couple days. I left off with the mention that our flight was canceled on Monday so we were scheduled to leave on Tuesday. Tuesday morning we packed up our stuff got in the car headed toward the airport. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to my husband before we got through security.  Now keep in mind that we haven’t really spent a night apart in almost 2 years. As weird as that sounds he is in the military and we both put a lot of emphasis on enjoying the fact that we’re together as much as we can because we never know when and if he’s going to have to go to training or deploy. Between that and the fact that I think we never want to be apart from each other that’s exactly how it’s been for two years. 

After going through security Little and I made it to our gate and started waiting for the plane to board. He did a lot better than I expected I will give him that. They kept pushing back our departure time while we were waiting which I expected after they canceled a bunch of flights on Monday. Taking off he did a lot better than I thought he was going to do the whole plane ride and he was happy and kept playing around with the people we were sitting next to and then after when the plane landed he got compliments from the people all around him saying that he was a very good baby the whole plane ride. We also got his wings since it was his first flight. 

We spent the next day with family finally catching up and getting to eat really good food. If you’re from the south you understand what it means to move north and not have the same kind of food did you have in the south so my family treated us to some Mexican food. 

We got done eating and then headed over to my brothers tattoo shop and started the piece that I was going to get for little. If you’re ever in San Antonio go to wicked ways tattoos and ask for Tim. The whole reason for this trip was for a tattoo from him. I flew for three hours and a around 2000 miles from Seattle just to get a tattoo from him. And I must say I’m in love with it. 

Today we are just sitting around the house enjoying mommy and me time before family comes in tonight and tomorrow to spend some time with both of us. I think we’re both missing Jamie but thanks to FaceTime and text messaging we’re holding in there. He was very excited to rub the fact that our new wedding rings came in before I got home. We decided for Valentine’s Day that we were going to get a new set and figured that after getting them resized they would come in around the time I got home but go figure, they came in last night and he left work just to go pick them up and send me pictures. 

I must say I have an amazing Family, husband, and son. I don’t know where I would be without any of them and every day I’m so thankful for everything that they do for me. 

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