Our Life


Well, after our trip to Texas things got really crazy. Between my husbands work and things around the house it was just hectic. Ontop of everything else school also became a handful. 

Nonetheless, I am BACK. So happy about that fact as well. 

I have two missions for the next couple of weeks ahead. 

Mission number one: We are going to declutter and simplify the house. I’ll call it spring cleaning but really it is just a move towards a very minimalistic style of life. I came home from my trip and started worrying about how the house needs more “stuff”. After my husband reminded me that as long as we are happy at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what we have. On that note we are now going to maximize our space by minimizing our belongings. This includes doing a modern update to our bedroom in an effort to make it more functional, building a Montessori style room for or son, redoing our office space to make it a peaceful place to get stuff done and also finding SOME way to decorate our bland rental kitchen. 

Mission Two: NO matter how much my husband protest I want to become better clean eaters in our house. I was vegan before we met and then after becoming pregnant and struggling with weight gain I ultimately had to start eating higher calorie foods. Now though, I think we have become too complacent in how easy it is to eat unhealthy so soon I will be slowly making the change to better eating hopefully without my husband finding out. 

Of course there will be updates along the way but for now I am a momma on a mission. 

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